Reach your target audiences with the exhibition stand at trade shows

The famous CAM-KIR trade fair booth is a very practical type of image wall that will, among other things, aesthetically represent the brand of your company and your products. It is an exhibition stand that appears among the most suitable communication tools to delimit your exhibition space during commercial events, trade shows or other exhibitions. The trade fair stand is a marketing tool for conferences or business meetings. It is completely printable according to your wishes. There are different sizes. On the existing space, you can associate it with table, chairs or other advertising media to adorn the living room.

The umbrella stand is equipped with high-end fabric secured with sewn-in sleeves. The visual may cover one side of the large area of ​​the textile wall so that visitors can notice you among the mass of competition. It is a kit with a very light structure. Its assembly and disassembly are at least easier. Once mounted, the telescopic design allows for height and width adjustment to suit your needs.

Which exhibition stand should be purchased for good visibility?

  • The advantage of this CAM-KIR exhibition stand is based on the easy and quick assembly and disassembly because this type of stand can save you time during your various professional events thanks to the numbered elements. For the question of stability, the exhibition stand does not require additional feet. No chance that the structure will give way once you arrange it correctly.
  • The exhibition stand is equipped with a high quality polyester fabric with a density of 205 grs / m2. The fabric is washable and flame retardant. This exhibition stand is easy to maintain and reusable until damaged. The telescopic mast system gives the possibility of harmonizing the height and width of the wall to the needs. The exhibition stand also benefits from a light and durable structure that allows you to transport it without taking up any space. No matter where you place the booth, its structure will allow it to easily relate to the surroundings. With a perfectly stretched fabric and great aesthetics, your company logos, products or services to be displayed to the general public will be well presented. The textile exhibition stand can be personalized on one side only or on two sides.
  • This trade fair booth also has a light and stable structure. Indeed, the transport and installation of a stand can sometimes be annoying. With this extraordinary model, you will have no problem thanks to its highly technical structure.
  • The exhibition stand has all the necessary elements for its transport and assembly. Namely: the removable structure, the printed fabric, and a transport bag.
  • The trade fair exhibition stand is a good communication medium with high-end sublimation printing and beautiful design.

Design your modular exhibition stand

  • We have at our disposal various types of sizes for this type of exhibition stand. The Small model with a dimension of 250x230 cm for a total weight of 8.2 kg, the medium model with a dimension of 300x230 cm for a total weight of 9.9 kg, the large format with a dimension of 400x230 cm for a weight total of 13.2 kg and finally the X-Large format with a dimension of 500x230 cm for a total weight of 15.4 kg. Obviously, the formats have been designed with the required quality standards that we strive to provide you every day.
  • MagicPrint is the store specializing in event communication support where you can discover the best type of trade show booth. We are a team of professionals who listen to your requirements and give you the solution to all your problems. Leave your advertising projects to us and we will accomplish them in the best possible conditions. Our exhibition stand know-how will be your best resource for your promotional events, trade shows, subsequent exhibitions, it makes you attract more customers.
  • Requesting your CAM-KIR trade fair booth at MagicPrint assures you a product of excellent impression with outstanding service provided by experts. We are able to design for your company a quality communication medium for all your advertisements.

Order your exhibition stand for your trade fair

  • With our e-commerce site, you will be far from ordering problems thanks to an easy and secure interface. Get your exhibition stand immediately on our Magicprint website and attend your well-equipped trade fair. To achieve this, select the corresponding product. Choose your option from the drop-down menus. The characteristics of the trade fair exhibition stand will be exposed to you in as much detail as possible to simplify your selection. All you have to do is send a request for a quote and then confirm the order.
  • For the technical design of the exhibition stand, you must upload your files and send them to us by email. If necessary, our graphic designers will take care of adapting them to the needs of the exhibition stand for an excellent visual and aesthetic presentation. This service will not be taken into account in the quote.
  • Afterwards, we will send you proof of your order by email so that you can at the same time approve the visuals that we suggest. Once we have your approval, we proceed to the design of your order (printing of the stand, design, etc.).
  • Usually, the delivery time of the exhibition stand is evaluated as soon as we receive your consent on the virtual proof and is 6 to 7 days.

Luxury stand CAM - KIR

Stand with horizontal textile wall and bent in the aluminum system.

Sublimation printing, on stretch polyester fabrics 230 grs / m2; washable and fireproof.

Simplicity of assembly (assembly without tools); facilitated by numbered elements.

One-sided or double-sided printing.

The frame structure does not require additional feet.

Set includes: complete aluminum system, printed fabric and carry bag.

Stand height: 2.30 meters

Stand width: four sizes available from 2.50 to 4 meters

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