Stand signage, the practical solution for effective communication at professional events

Are you looking for a practical solution for your POS and have effective communication? During your promotional events, conferences or trade fairs, attract the attention of visitors in no time thanks to a simple and design solution, stand signage.

This top-of-the-range POS or advertising totem makes it possible to fit out any type of stand impeccably and transform the space into an attractive and warm place. It can also serve as an advisory billboard to attract the public to your location.

The MAN EVA PLAT customizable stand is an advertising medium that easily allows you to stand out from your competitors. Among its greatest advantages, you have the possibility of coating it with an attractive and symbolic visual in the colors and values ​​of your company (logo, emblematic images, products, promotional offers, etc.).

All our POS and stand signage are communication media adapted to meet all your communication needs during your trade shows.

Stand signage, an economical solution suitable for all spaces
Does it often happen that you are faced with a real problem with the layout of your exhibition stand or your sales area in a trade show or store? Limited space or a limited budget does not always leave you the choice to get an expensive complex structure or install a large advertising booth at a trade show? The stand signage is then your best ally. This choice of advertising stand is a less bulky solution but which allows you to have an equally captivating and stylish visual support at all times.

We make sure that our POS solutions can suit any space. This is the very reason that drives us to offer you this ideal advertising stand signage, MAN EVA PLAT, which meets all the criteria to be the essential communication tool, during your trade shows, for companies looking for professionalism, success and modernity.

Stand signage, a quick, practical and reliable solution

Travel is often a mandatory need for a professional when attending trade shows, conferences, and other events. It is therefore essential to equip oneself with adequate communication supports that meet this need.

The advantage with stand signage lies in its very light aluminum structure with a diameter of 32mm. It is a very practical and easy to install advertising tool. We replaced the feet of this model with a metal base with a handle so that there is more stability and it is easier to move.

Advertising stand signage is an ideal solution as you lack the time and more competent people for complex assembly because its assembly does not require specific knowledge or the use of special tools. You only need a few minutes to install this POS, and you're good to go.

Note, among other things, that the MAN EVA PLAT advertising umbrella stand is supplied with a reinforced bag, adapted to protect it effectively and to facilitate its transport. It will be more pleasant for you to travel with it.

Stand signage, a communication medium with many advantages

What are the benefits? Since it is reliable advertising furniture whose main function is to attract the attention of the target audience, advertising stand signage has nothing but positives to offer.

  • Among these advantages, there is the power of the visual. This characteristic will be a major asset in effectively conveying your messages and optimally enhancing the brand image of your company. Indeed, the quality of the graphics will be the witness of the quality of your business. Indeed, choosing this type of communication medium is to attract the public intelligently and economically to your stand during your exhibitions at trade shows.
  • The quality of the fabric will also be a major advantage for you. Note that the stand signage is provided with a custom stretch polyester fabric of 230 grs / m2. Unequaled fabric quality on the communication media market. In addition, it is washable and flame retardant. In terms of longevity, you can count the years before it wears out.
  • The design and aesthetics will also be a plus because the fabric of the advertising stand signage is perfectly stretched over an aluminum structure, and has an impeccable finish. Which can enhance your business.
  • There is also the choice of size which leaves you free to find the ideal stand signage for your next professional events. Thus, we design advertising stands signage with a single height of 2.30 meters, however you can choose the ideal width that suits your needs among the four sizes available from 60 cm to 150 cm.
  • Based on your needs, we can print the advertising umbrella stand on one side only, or on both sides. This advertising booth benefits from high quality sublimation printing.
  • While some choose the promotional umbrella stand to decorate their exhibition spaces, others use it to indicate locations or to convey messages to customers. In any case, you can make advertising stand signage your favorite communication medium, whatever your professional field.
  • Also to better brighten up the exhibition space and be visible, some exhibitors associate the advertising stand with other promotional items or goodies: advertising pens, POS to hang and many other communication media. Indeed, this article respects all the manufacturing standards required by the rules in force to participate in a trade show in Europe.

Buy your stand signage on the website with the best conditions

Whatever your motivations for buying advertising stand signage, know that it is a reliable communication tool that will satisfy you on all fronts.

You can order your POS materials directly from the website. You can add other POS products such as a sign, a counter, a roll up. Our site has an easy and convenient interface, you will have no trouble browsing it. To do so, select from the items in our catalog the MAN EVA PLAT stand signage model with the characteristics and number of items that suit your requirements. Then send us a quote request. You just have to send us the graphics you want to print. Our team will take care of it to modify and adjust the images on the advertising stand signage. We will then take care of sending you sample models (BAT). Indeed, you are the only decision maker, nothing will be done without your agreement. If the prototype is to your liking, you still have to validate it and we move on to the printing stage.

The delivery time is counted normally from the moment you validate the print. We will make sure to send the package to you as soon as possible at the order address. This period is as standard from 6 to 7 days; an express transport system is also offered.

Luxury stand MAN - EVA - Flat

Thanks to its lightness and ease of assembly of its aluminum structure, the support can be quickly installed.

Sublimation printing, on stretch polyester fabrics 230 grs / m2; washable and fireproof.

The fabric is stretched on an aluminum frame, which guarantees its aesthetic appearance.

The advantages of this stand:

• The fabric is tight on the aluminum construction

• Printing is single-sided or double-sided

• The assembly is without tools

• The 2 feet have been replaced by a metal base, with practical handle

• Construction in aluminum tubes with a diameter of 32 mm

The set includes: the complete system, the printed fabric and its carrying bag.

Stand height: 2.30 meters

Stand width: four sizes available from 60 cm to 150 cm

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