Notebook Descartes

Notebook or customizable notebook, inside and out.


Features of this René Descartes notebook:

Cover:Flexible Cover, Double Regular PU Material

Inner Pads: 70 gr. Ivory Paper, 112 Sheets, Ruled Pages, edge painting

Accessories: double ribbon, metal ribbon charm (shiny)

Presentation: Poly bag

From one of our notebook models, you can then personalize it entirely.

Possible options:

Cover:Flexible Cover, Double Regular PU Material, customization in debossing or in entire surface debossing or in screen & UV (Digital) printing or in foil printing

Available colors: white (GL 100), Dark Grey (GL 103) PMS-Cool Grey 11 C, Light Grey (GL 120) PMS-Cool Grey 7 C, Beige (GL 200) PMS-7529 C, Tan (GL 300) PMS-7516 C, Chestnut (GL 333) PMS-7518 C, Taupe (GL 350) PMS-7532 C, Navy (GL 400) PMS-2767 , Blue (GL 410) PMS-2154 C, Light Blue (GL 421) PMS-306 C , Teal (GL 450) PMS-2234 C, Aqua (GL 451) PMS-2238 C, Green (GL 500) PMS-2427 C, Lime (GL 525) PMS-375 C, Yellow (GL 550) PMS-116 C, Red (GL 600) PMS-207 C, PillarBox Red (GL 610) PMS-200 C, Burgundy (GL 640) PMS-7428 C, Pink (GL 650) PMS-2046 C, Purple (GL 660) PMS-520, Orange (GL 670) PMS-166, Black (GL 700) PMS-Black 6C.

Logoed or variable inner pads:70 gr. Ivory Paper, 112 Sheets, Ruled Pages

Accessories: Metal ribbon charm, Magnetic clips, Ribbon 5 mm Sateen, head & tail

Page: end papers, insert pages, perforated pages, tabs

Standard inner pad design: 140 gsm Ivory Paper

Custom inner pad design: squared, corner, dotted, blank

Edge: painting and gilding / printing

Presentation: belly band, boxes, poly bag

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