Did you know that from now on the plastic lids of your cups can be personalized?

Yes, you are not dreaming, you now have the possibility to customize the plastic lids of the cups that you offer to your customers to your liking. Imagine smelling a nice aroma of coffee in the morning, still hot, with its exquisite taste, and there you sip it through a plastic cover designed especially for you. Hmm ... The day looks good for you! With this in mind, very suitable for tea rooms, fast food vendors, restaurants offering take-away drinks, plastic lids are original accessories to impose your brand image on the market. Indeed, even a tiny little detail can bring you to the top of your fame, so why not invest in customizing your plastic lids? The unique accessory that will set you apart from your competitors. Dare to use a simple trick to make yourself different from others.

Let Magic-print create your own plastic cover

Of course, we manufacture plastic lids in white and black colors just for you. To satisfy you, you have the choice between two different sizes. Highly resistant, our lids can be up to 80mm in diameter each, suitable for 220ml (8oz) single wall or double wall paper cups. Also, for the 350 ml (12 oz) and 450 ml (16 oz) cups, opt for the 90 mm diameter lids.

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Plastic Lid

Plastic lids are available in white and black colours and in two different sizes.

Plastic lids of 80 mm diameter suitable for 220 ml (8 oz) single wall or double wall paper cups.

Plastic lids of 90 mm diameter suitable for 350 ml (12 oz), 450 ml (16 oz) single wall or double wall paper cups

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