Lindt chocolate advertisement

Metamorphosing chocolate into a filling for an advertising box, the latter is a very good tool to divulge several advertising messages while generating pleasure for prospects. The package in which Lindt chocolates are deposited offers an important marking area to mark your logo. Thanks to the four-color printing, your logo, your image, your slogan can appear with finesse and highlight your visual identity. An advertisement means pleasure if it is carried out with adequate advertising articles.

At Magicprint, the premium rectangle box can be filled with Lindt chocolates as you wish:

- 20 Mini Excellence, Milk or Dark 70%, 135 Grs

- 10 Lindor, Milk or Dark 45%, 150 Grs

- 50 Mini Heart Milk, 280 Grs

- 10 Mini Rabbit, 125 Grs

Chocolates are classified among the most chic and tasty delicacies. Impregnating your emblem on the advertising box allows your brand to travel around the world thanks to Lindt chocolate advertising. The value of your business will be visible through the quality of the product presented. Contact an expert to ensure a better position against the competition.

Premium Rectangle Box - Personalized with Lindt chocolates

Size: 6 x 6 x 12 cm

Material: carton 330 grs / m2

Personalization: Quadrichromy

Option: glossy or soft touch lamination

Your choice of personalized box with Lindt chocolates inside:

- 20 Mini Excellence, Milk or Dark 70%, 135 Grs, Pack size: 90

- 10 Lindor, Milk or Dark 45%, 150 Grs, Box: 80

- 50 Mini Heart Milk, 280 Grs, Box: 25

- 10 Mini Rabbit, 125 Grs, Package: 36

Deadline: 2 to 3 weeks (longer than a week during holiday periods)

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