Gifting Lindt chocolate for the holidays is a great idea. But offer the model that best suits your branding image. Best of all, you pack it in a 100% personalized box for your target audience to combine the moment of happiness with you. In any case, do you do these things to make your customers remember you? so don't miss this opportunity to get noticed. To amaze the targets, you can also vary several flavors.

Want to give simple but high quality business gifts? Our personalized boxes with Lindt Chocolates are affordable, and they are great gifts in your communication technique.

On the Magicprint website, the prestige box meets your desires, it is a beautiful box filled with your choice of bite:

-15 Mini Excellence

-10 Lindor

-35 Mini Heart Milk

-10 Mini Rabbit (during the Easter period)

To promote your notoriety against the competition, advertising boxes with Lindt chocolates are printed in four-color. With these packaging, you can obtain a quality visual rendering for better visibility.

Prestige Box - Personalized with Lindt chocolates

Size: 12 X 6 X 10.5 cm

Material: carton 330 grs / m2

Personalization: Quadrichromy

Option: glossy or soft touch lamination

Your choice of personalized box with Lindt chocolates inside:

- 15 Mini Excellence, Milk or Dark 70%, 105 Grs, Pack size: 115

- 10 Lindor, Milk or Dark 45%, 139 Grs, Pack size: 75

- 35 Mini Heart Milk, 195 Grs, Box: 25

- 10 Mini Rabbit, 120 Grs, Box: 35

Deadline: 2 to 3 weeks (longer than a week during holiday periods)

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