A gourmet packaging with promotional chocolate for Easter

Would you like to dedicate Lindt chocolates for Easter to your colleagues, prospects or customers? Visit the Magicprint website, and in the "Lindt chocolates" category, you will find a wide choice of advertising packaging with Lindt chocolates inside.

What does an Easter chocolate mean for a business? Easter symbolizes a new beginning. Giving chocolates for the whole team or your customers marks a new leap. This is an ideal opportunity to seize to launch new projects, create new links ... Also a niche to convey advertising messages and please your employees and customers.

Regarding Lindt chocolates packaged in the Magicprint pearl box, you can choose from:

- 10 Mini Excellence, Milk or Dark 70%, 75 Grs

- 5 Lindor, Milk or Dark 45%, 80 Grs

- 15 Mini Heart Milk, 95 Grs

- 4 Mini Rabbit, 55 Grs

Whatever the reasons for your chocolate gift, it is essential to offer quality chocolate. Gifting chocolates will give your prospects an unforgettable experience. Stop looking noon to 2 p.m., Contact Magicprint to receive your gourmet packaging!

Pearl Box - Personalized with Lindt chocolates

Size: 10 X 3 X 13.2 cm

Material: carton 330 grs / m2

Personalization: Quadrichromy

Option: glossy or soft touch lamination

Your choice of personalized box with Lindt chocolates inside:

- 10 Mini Excellence, Milk or Dark 70%, 75 Grs, Pack size: 180

- 5 Lindor, Milk or Dark 45%, 80 Grs, Box: 150

- 15 Mini Heart Milk, 95 Grs, Packing: 60

- 4 Mini Rabbit, 55 Grs, Box: 90

Deadline: 2 to 3 weeks (longer than a week during holiday periods)

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