How to communicate with Lindt promotional chocolates.

Many small businesses fail to communicate their brand image to their prospects. It is often difficult for them to think creatively about marketing their products. In addition, many of them face obstacles such as the existence of too much competition, therefore too little profit and not enough communiaction budget. For these companies, the solution to their difficulties is to contact Magicprint, the expert in advertising packaging with Lindt chocolates; this is one of the most crucial steps in getting profit from your marketing campaign.

Do you want to make your business profitable? But also an attractive visual rendering to promote your brand and attract prospects? You can choose the flower box from Magicprint. In this box, you can have your choice:

- 8 mini Excellence Milk or Dark 70%, 50 Grs

- 5 Lindor, Milk or Dark 45%, 75n Grs

- 4 Mini Rabbit, 54 Grs

- 5 Mini Rabbit, 65 Grs

- 20 Mini milk heart, 110 Grs.

Seduce your customers with Lindt promotional chocolates

Lindt Chocolate Advertising Box is the perfect choice to entice and win over customers. So you stand out from the crowd. To reach your target audience, it is important to have a reliable advertising partner, like Magicprint, who will give you effective solutions for launching your brand or new products.

If you are looking to market your business, there are many ways to get noticed and sell your products, but Magicprint suggests an innovative solution to communicate with prospects, by printing your logo on chic and elegant advertising boxes.

Flower Box - Personalized with Lindt chocolates

Size: 6 x 6 x 6 cm

Material: carton 330 grs / m2

Personalization: Quadrichromy

Option: glossy or soft touch lamination

Your choice of personalized box with Lindt chocolates inside:

- 8 Mini Excellence Milk or Dark 70%, 50 Grs, Pack size: 220

- 5 Lindor, Milk or Dark 45%, 75 Grs, Pack size: 150

- 4 Mini Rabbit, 54 Grs, Box: 90

- 5 Mini Rabbit, 65 Grs, Box: 70

- 20 Mini Heart Milk, 110 Grs, Box: 45

Deadline: 2 to 3 weeks (longer than a week during holiday periods)

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