Treat yourself with a Hammock - standard from Magic-print

In this summer, many will enjoy the atmospheres at the beach, sunbathing on the sand, etc. Therefore, do not forget the essential equipment so that your vacation goes perfectly. With that, discover the Hammock - standard designed at Magic-print to relax under the shade of coconut palms by the sea. This accessory is also very suitable for those who adore adventure in the middle of the forest, all you need is the tie onto two trees and you can rest at the top, safe from small crawling insects. You can sleep soundly with this Hammock - standard.

Hammock - standard from Magic-print

The resistance of the Hammock - standard counts enormously so that it can support the weight of the person above, suddenly, where to find that? Well, trust Magic-print, they are the expert you need in designing your best Hammock. We make hammocks in natural wood with canvas printed in four-color or screen printing, choose what suits you. In addition, what is interesting with this Hammock - standard, it can carry up to two people. So, look no further elsewhere and visit our site now.

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Without further ado, please leave us a message on to order your Hammock - standard. We will get back to you as soon as possible. You know what, all your wishes will be granted at Magic-print.

Hammock – standard

Hammock in natural wood.
Canvas printed in four-color or in silkscreen 1 color (A3 max)

Polyester fabric 260 grs / m2.

For screen printing: more than 50 canvases of different colors, on which we can print.
For digital printing: we print in four-color sublimation, no color limit on a white canvas,
Size of the hammock: 75 x 200 cm

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