Surprise your customers with 3-dimensional paper POS

In order to attract potential customers to consume your products, use an original and fun communication tool such as a 3-dimensional paper POS. You will amaze all visitors with this, in particular, if you put it right next to the products you want to sell, in supermarkets for example. Rest assured, embodying the image of your products in a 3-dimensional paper POS is an effective technique to capture the attention of consumers. So try it out and you’ll see your turnover go up a notch very quickly.

Show your true colors with a 3-dimensional paper POS

Don't be afraid to highlight your brand image with a 3-dimensional paper POS. Very easy to install, this advertising tool takes up no space. Put it simply in a place in full view of everyone and voila. In addition, for the design of your 3-dimensional paper POS, the use of bright and vibrant colors must always take precedence. On this, do not hesitate to confide in Magic-print since we manufacture all forms of advertising products, advertising stands, invitation cards, etc., in your colors and logos. In addition, treat yourself by customizing your paper POS in 3 dimensions to your liking. Certainly, we can create cardboard POS for you, hung with a wire, or placed on a counter or on the floor, in shelf-rests, etc., produced in small or large formats and small and large series.

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Advertising garland in 3 dimensions

Advertising garland in 3 dimensions with our honeycomb paper.

We manufacture all forms of pennants in 3 dimensions with your colors and logos.

Bright and vibrant colors.

Fireproof paper possible as an option.

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