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The use of advertising flags is an effective way to dominate the competition. Truth be told, betting on your visibility to the public is an ideal idea to attract more potential customers. Use advertising flags to make everyone recognize your brand image at first glance. Thanks to well-adapted advertising media such as these advertising flags, you can boost the sales of your products.


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Be unique by opting for original advertising flags, of very high quality and which do not spoil easily, designed by Magic-print. Indeed, Magic-print is the expert you need in the creation of your advertising flags with a four-color printing and sublimation ink. In addition, you can embellish your flags by adding straps, scabbards, eyelets and hooks, the choice is yours.


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In no time, place your order online for any purchase of advertising flags from Magic-print. To do this, visit only, different kinds of flags will be offered. Do not hesitate to click on the advertising flags, a small description of the product will be displayed. However, for more information and to find a quote for your order, send us a message. Always at your disposal, we will try to send you the response to your request as soon as possible. Rest assured; all your wishes are granted with Magic-print.


Flag mesh 110 grs.
Four-color printing, sublimation ink.
One-sided printing and the back is transparent.
Hem sewn as standard.
All possible finishes: straps, sleeves, eyelets, hooks, …

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