Are you tempted to become a leader in your market?

Be professional by opting for the use of a backpack when launching your sales products. Your credibility is very important to attract the maximum number of customers. So use a unique and fashionable advertising tool that matches your brand image. Identifying yourself from the competition is an incomparable force in order to gain more notoriety in your market.


Flag X-banner backpack: very practical tool

The X-banner backpack flag is the perfect accessory to promote your image and make it memorable to your target audience. You will be much closer to your potential customers with this X-banner backpack flag. You just have to select the correct places where a crowd of people circulates constantly, and voila. This backpack flag is not too bulky, so it's easy to take it everywhere.


Where to get this X-banner backpack flag?

Choose quality at a better price with Magic-print. Indeed, we provide you with a very resistant X-banner backpack flag. Our backpack is made of nylon while the flag is made of polyester. For its lightness, we designed the masts and rods from carbon composite.


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Flag backpack

Nylon backpack with flag holder structure. The straps are adjustable and padded for more comfort

All masts and rods are made of carbon composite and are delivered with the backpack.

Sail fasteners with metal eyelets

printing on polyester 115g, printing on the whole surface.

Size of the sail - X-banner model: 50 x 120 cm

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