How to attract more customers? Simple but effective tip

Reinforce your visibility with a Windflag and Windrop Premiumto capture the attention of your potential customers. Indeed, since these advertising flags move with the wind, passers-by will immediately see them. Best effective when placed in front of stores or restaurants, the Windflag and Windrop Premium are a very eye-catching advertising tool, well suited for any type of business wanting to be known on the market.


Wind flag, Oriflamme and Windrop Premium: Very practical

Whether at events such as trade fairs, open houses, etc., or at ordinary times, the Windflag and Windrop Premium remain essential communication tools to make you easily spotted even next to your competitors. In addition, the Windflag and Windrop Premium are very light, allowing you to easily move them from one place to another. Their use greatly facilitates your tasks.


Take the advice of an expert

For the design of your Windflag and Windrop Premium, trust a Pro. We therefore recommend that you switch to Magic-print. We create Windflag and Windrop Premium personalized according to your needs, and at the same time you have good value for money. Made from polyester fabrics, our products can be machine washed at 30 ° without damaging their sublimation print.


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Premium windflag and windrop


Polyester fabrics of 110 grs/m², flame retardant
Sublimation printing
Four-color or pantone printing.

2 types of flag printing:

- Printing on the front and the back is transparent (standard)

- Front AND back printing

Machine washable at 30°
One-sided printing, the back is transparent or one-sided printing AND back (identical or different printing)

Carbon fiber or aluminum (for windsquare) masts.

Diameter of the masts of our Beachflags:

17mm inside

25mm outside

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