Giant personalized XXL deckchair, an essential communication tool

Are you operators in the tourism sector in France, event organizers, or do you have a business to promote? Boost your visual communication and your promotion by relying on the giant personalized deckchair. Declined in the colors of your company, it will bring the ultimate touch to your marketing campaigns. Both modern and timeless, this kind of promotional product will not leave indifferent anyone who passes by or sits on it. You can set it up outdoors by the pool, on a beach, on a boat or in a garden, but also indoors in any large room such as an exhibition hall, a hall. waiting area, or a sales counter. The advertising deckchair will easily win you over with its exceptional visuals, but also with its relaxing seating position and attractive design. So you can get ready for a crowd of people to take selfies on it, or just sit in a group and relax.

Meanwhile, the giant personalized deckchair is an ultra practical visual communication tool whose fabric is fully customizable in sublimation. You can insert any message, logo, photos, iconic colors of your structure, and other designs such as a calendar that display your products and services.

The giant personalized deckchair is an advertising object that is one of our flagship products. It will ensure your visibility in an implicit and original way with more than satisfactory results.

Giant personalized deckchair: a quality product to enhance your brand image

Having a great mastery in the design and sale of advertising products, our professional team provides all their know-how in order to offer you the best possible item with an irreproachable finish. We are concerned about your brand image, which is why each model of personalized giant deckchair from is manufactured according to strict specifications. We make the constraints of our customers our priority.

Unlike the standard models, the advertising deckchair has a much larger and wider frame and canvas. The material chosen for the design of its frame is natural pine wood. We treat pine appropriately with specific products so that it adapts to snow and water. Indeed, the choice remains free in relation to your needs. The structure of the giant custom lounger is well built to ensure strength and durability. It benefits from the most suitable manufacturing techniques which rule out any risk of premature deterioration in relation to its multiple uses. In addition, natural pine wood is both classy and aesthetic. This kind of deckchair frame can match any type of style and context.

As for the canvas that constitutes the giant personalized deckchair, it is removable. The fabric is polyester and is remarkably resistant to the many conditions it endures, both long-term exposure to the sun and frequent sitting. Its thickness is 260 grs / m2, a premium quality, and the must for a high-end printing. We carry out the digital printing technique by four-color sublimation on white canvas for this personalized giant deckchair model. You have unlimited choice as to the number of colors. Any type of graphic, and even the most complex colors and shapes are possible. Indeed, whatever your fabric printing requirements, you will definitely be impressed with the quality we have in store for you. And know that the giant personalized deckchair has an interchangeable fabric.

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Magic-print is the professional in the creation and sale of promotional items where you can find the best model of personalized XL and XXL giant deckchairs that correctly meet the quality / price ratio.

We have at our disposal two different types of sizes for this type of personalized giant deckchair. The XL format which measures 160 x 172.5 x 8 cm for a total weight of 30 kg with a maximum authorized load of 200 kg. And the XXL format which has a dimension of 250x 170 x 10 cm for a total weight of 50 kg, and a maximum authorized load of 250 kg.

Of course, the giant personalized deckchair is not only an advertising object, it is a piece of furniture that is fully functional capable of bringing embellishment to your spaces, and comfort to its users. The XL and XXL format can accommodate 3 to 4 people simultaneously.

Ordering your personalized giant deckchair at Magic-print guarantees you a product that meet your expectations with a quality service provided by professionals. We are able to create a visual for you with maximum visibility with ease but with great efficiency.

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Want to use a giant personalized deckchair in XL or / and XXL format? Refer to our trusted site Correctly fill out the form at the bottom of the offer and leave us a message with your questions regarding this item. The boxes marked with an asterisk that provide your contact details must be completed. Our team will get back to you shortly to establish a quote for your future purchase. Once your purchase is validated by our team, we begin the design of your personalized giant deckchair, and we will do our best to have it delivered to you as soon as possible.

Deck chair – XL / XXL

Deck chair XL and XXL in natural wood.

Four-color printed canvas: we print in four-color sublimation, with no color limit on a white canvas.

Polyester fabric 260 grs / m2.

The fabric is interchangeable.

Pine wood

For screen printing: more than 50 canvases of different colors, on which we can print.

For digital printing: we print in four-color sublimation, with no color limit on a white canvas.

Deck chair XL:

Size of the lounger: 160 x 172,5 x 8 cm

Maximum authorized weight: 200 kg

Weight of the recliner: 30 kg

Deck chair XXL:

Size of the deckchair: 250 x 170 x 10 cm

Maximum authorized weight: 250 kg

Transat weight: 50 kg

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