Advertising deckchair, personalized lounge chair: an asset for your visual communication

To add dynamism to the design style of your bar, your catering business, your outdoor event, or the space dedicated to you at various promotional shows, the advertising deckchair is the most effective way. It adapts to various situations. It is a simple advertising tool, but one that can have a huge positive impact on your visual identity. It conveys messages to your target audiences in an original and effective way. The personalized advertising deckchair is a major asset for the marketing strategy of modern companies. It allows you to make the difference with all competition and to represent your company or your function in a more professional way.

The standard advertising deckchair is fully customizable according to your wishes. You can choose to add your logo, colors, or any graphic that represents your business until you are most creative. So it's about creating a visual that will reflect your business.

Advertising deckchair: quality furniture for businesses

Magicprint is a professional company specializing in the creation and sale of visual advertising media in France. We are committed to providing you with high quality items that meet your real requirements. All our items are manufactured according to standardized standards applying specific techniques that guarantee quality finished products.

This type of advertising deckchair has a resistant and design structure made from natural or treated wood. It will be suitably prepared as you wish to be able to endure all kinds of conditions such as exposure to snow and swimming pool which most often cause rapid deterioration of equipment. The natural wood has been specially chosen to avoid as much as possible the use of polluting raw materials. We do our best to use biodegradable raw materials for the preservation of the environment. In addition, natural wood is a noble material which certainly corresponds to the needs of companies for an exceptional brand image worthy of the name. As for the fabric, we also use resistant fabrics which are naturally suitable for the same treatments as its structure.

The advertising deckchair is not only used to transmit messages by its nature to be a visual communication tool for companies, it is also a completely aesthetic piece of furniture that can serve as a decorative element and whose primary function is to offer people a comfortable place to relax. The advertising deckchair can be installed during the holidays as well outside in a rest area, a restaurant, on the beach, or at the edge of the swimming pool; only indoors to serve as reception furniture, or to decorate a stand during campaigns.

Discover the advantages of the Magic-print advertising deckchair

Speaking of strengths, the standard advertising deckchair type has a lot to give you. This is a customizable advertising tool that has many benefits for you.

First of all, let's remember, there is its ability to create a visual identity worthy of the name for your business. This will remain a considerable advantage since your company will enjoy an irreproachable notoriety with its competitors and the public by the presentation of the activity which will be of a more professional aspect than ever. In addition, using this type of medium as a visual communication tool for your business means taking advantage of an original object that guarantees efficiency and success.

Then there is the choice of materials, which remains a good option insofar as the budget and / or the needs so require. Natural wood is ideal as a frame for the deckchair for those who want to stay in the classic and sober theme. Treated wood is available in many colors, with the possibility of carrying out a standard varnishing of the frame or a VIP varnishing of the frame.

We use polyester fabric with a density of 260 grs / m2 which adapts perfectly to this kind of support, and is ideal for the function that the advertising deckchair fits. For digital printing, we sublimate it in four-color on white canvas according to the needs of the graphics provided by customers. There is no color limit. For a screen printing, more than 50 canvases of different colors are available, and ready to be printed. Of course, the fabric can be exchanged and we are able to make a replacement model in case it deteriorates.

We also realize on your request a cushion to personalize which can decorate the advertising deckchair.

Its medium and compact size of 125 x 54 x 3.2 cm and its ultra light weight of 3.3 kg also remain huge advantages as the equipment can be transported and stored easily. Indeed, there are times when your function requires certain trips.

In addition to this, the advertising deckchair is a very resistant piece of furniture that can accommodate a load of up to 110 kg.

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Whatever your field, we can help you make your visual identity even better thanks to the advertising deckchair to be personalized.

Discover this model of advertising deckchair by consulting our online store. The standard advertising deckchair is one of our flagship products, sold at the best quality / price ratio.

To have this type of deckchair to customize, correctly fill in the corresponding boxes which detail your contact details as well as your order: quantity, number of marking colors, ...; and don't forget to send us your graphics files. We will make sure to get back to you as soon as possible after our specialists have studied your project and established a quote. We will try to establish a quote and contact you as soon as possible to give you prices and the first glimpse of your Chilean. If our proposals suit you, we immediately move on to the realization of your advertising deckchair or if, on the contrary, certain characteristics do not correspond to your expectations such as the police or others, let us know. Our company is always at your service. Your package will then be dispatched as soon as it is ready, and delivery is made within a reasonable time.

Deck chair – Standard

Deck chair in natural wood.
Canvas printed in four-color or in 1-color silk-screen printing

Polyester fabric 260 grs / m2.

For screen printing: more than 50 canvases of different colors, on which we can print.

For digital printing: we print in four-color sublimation, with no color limit on a white canvas.

Wood treatment snow / pool
Exchangeable fabric

Ability to choose a color for the wood
Standard varnishing of the frame
Opening of the Vip frame

Size of the transat: 125 x 54 x 3,2 cm

Maximum authorized weight: 110 kg

Transat weight: 3.3 kg

Quotation and information request

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