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The places of relaxation are most often strewn with various kinds of furniture. Thus, the deckchair or chilean is one of the chairs that offer you the opportunity to rest serenely while enjoying total relaxation. This kind of furniture, which had for primary function to decorate the gardens and the terraces, knew a great expansion. Now he has other roles: advertising.

This advertising lounge chair is specially dedicated for catering companies, event organizers, and all operators who want to promote their activities in an original way, but also for individuals who want to have a specific piece of furniture in their terraces or pool edges. . Design and functional, this type of advertising lounge chair adapts to the current trend and is definitely the communication ally of modern companies. Thanks to this special deckchair, you offer unique moments of relaxation to your customers while ensuring the enhancement of your brand image, your products and / or services. Indeed, the deckchair is an original advertising tool that has incomparable visual strength. You can totally personalize it with your colors or those of your partners, insert messages, artistic images or other inscriptions that may attract attention ...

This type of promotional lounge chair is one of our favorite products. It adapts to all circumstances and can go a long way in ensuring your visibility to the public. So what are you waiting for to place your order?

Promotional lounge chair: a product with a high-end feel and an original design

Our expertise in the design and sale of advertising media allows us to suggest ultra competitive and efficient products. Magic-print is supported by a qualified team who will be able to respond appropriately to all your wishes. All our products are original and have a finish worthy of the name. We do our best to ensure that our achievements can bring positive effects for your brand image at all times. It is for this reason that each type of advertising lounge chair is produced according to strict specifications. Your requirements are indeed our priority.

Unlike the classic deckchairs, this style of advertising "deckchair-drink" lounge chair has one or two armrests with a place for a glass of your choice. Natural wood has been chosen exceptionally to serve as the raw material for the creation of the frame. Natural wood will be treated according to your wishes with specific products to adapt to its various uses (snow / swimming pool). As an option, standard wood varnishing or VIP frame varnishing. Indeed, this category of promotional lounge chair has a structure that fulfills all the characteristics of a quality wooden frame. It has been carefully manufactured with the proper techniques. In addition, natural wood totally gives a class and brio aspect to this original furniture. The deckchair will easily find a place in your restaurants, hotels, and various rest areas.

For the promotional lounge chair textile, we have adapted it appropriately to meet your needs. The fabric is polyester with a density of 260 grs / m2. This kind of textile is known for its robustness, its impermeability, but also for its longevity. You can be sure to count the years before it deteriorates, as the fabric is conditioned to withstand prolonged sun exposure and frequent sitting. This type of fabric is indeed the essential range for the design of deckchairs, and is ideal for printing. With the advertising lounge chair, you have a satisfactory surface to insert your graphics. We carry out two printing technique models for this model of advertising "deckchair-drink" lounge chair: four-color sublimation on white canvas, and 1-color screen printing with more than 50 canvases of different colors. Of course, the two printing techniques that we carry out are all of indisputable quality and create the same effects with your target audience. Among other things, the fabric of the deckchair is interchangeable. And we are able to provide you with a replacement canvas on request. You can also order a cushion for this kind of deckchair.

Of course, using an advertising lounge chair is not limited only as a visual communication tool, its main function is also to provide pleasure and a good moment of relaxation to its users thanks to its quality seat. This will allow them to sit comfortably and enjoy their drinks in peace.

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We are specialists in the manufacture and sale of various visual communication media. We are able to provide you with the best advertising lounge chair model that correctly meets the criteria you are looking for.

The advertising lounge chair will remain an exceptional piece of furniture for your activity. Its reasonable size of 125 x 58 x 3.2 cm and its foldable structure are definitely one of its main strengths. These save you storage problems. Its weight of 4kg which represents almost nothing for a piece of furniture of this kind is also a great advantage for your travel needs compared to your activity. It is an easily transportable promotional item.

Ordering your advertising lounge chair online at Magic-print guarantees you a product accompanied by a quality service.

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For the manufacture of personalized deckchairs, Magic-Print is the best printing company in Europe that can meet your requirements. Therefore, click on the advertising lounge chair and request your quote for this product directly on the Magic-print site by leaving a message to our team. Make sure you have provided valid contact details so that we can get back to you later. If you validate, download the file to print and we will send you the model back. We proceed with the realization from the day you accept the proof. We will make sure that the delivery time of your future purchase will be made as short as possible.

For more information, do not hesitate to call us or send us an email. Have your wooden communication medium delivered.

Deck chair – Drink

Lounger with armrests and place to hold a glass.

Deckchair in natural wood.

Canvas printed in four-color or in 1-color silk-screen printing

Polyester fabric 260 grs / m2.

For screen printing: more than 50 canvases of different colors, on which we can print.

For digital printing: we print in four-color sublimation, with no color limit on a white canvas.

Wood treatment snow / pool
Exchangeable fabric

Ability to choose a color for the wood

Standard varnishing of the frame
Opening of the Vip frame

Size of the lounger: 125 x 58 x 3,2 cm

Maximum authorized weight: 110 kg

Transat weight: 4 kg

Quotation and information request

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