Have incomparable originality with a retractable banner

The goal of each company is to sell as many products or services as possible in order to boost its turnover. Suddenly, to achieve this, the popularization of its image counts enormously, so that its consumers can recognize them more easily. However, being seen simply is no longer enough since competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Choosing a unique and original means of communication is therefore an excellent idea in order to identify yourself effectively from the competition. Discover the retractable banner designed by Magic-print and which perfectly meets the above-mentioned needs.

Retractable banner: Very practical

In addition to being a unique and fashionable advertising medium, the retractable banner is a very practical accessory and makes everyday life easier. You can for example use it for cars or windows in your room, to protect against sunburn. The retractable banner is very light, allowing you to take it wherever you are.

Trust Magic-print for your retractable banner

For the design of your retractable banner, nothing more economical than confiding in an expert like Magic-print. Insist on a retractable banner that embodies your brand image. At Magic-print, we provide you with a laminated polypropylene banner with high definition four-color printing.

Order at Magic-print your retractable banner

Do not wait any longer and place the order of your personalized retractable banner online at your convenience.


Polypropylene laminated banner


High definition four-color printing

1 or 2 sided printing

2 sizes: 48x17 cm and 75x24.5 cm

Individual transparent bag

Option: cupping for cars, windows, ...

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