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Are you bothered and have no idea how to stand out from the competition? This tip is made just for you, opt for these table flags on a wooden base, which are both decorative accessories for your interiors and a very effective advertising media tool in order to attract your potential customers. Gone are the outdated advertising tools, make way for the new table flags on a wooden base that are very original and much more attractive.


You are of course wondering where to get these flags 

There is only one address, at Magic-print. For others to see you as a professional, it is necessary to behave as such by consulting a real expert when it comes to the design of your table flags on a wooden base. Magic-print offers table flags on a wooden base on polyester fabrics, with sublimation printing and that are machine washable. Depending on your choice, it is also possible to print on both sides of satin fabrics.


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No need to travel to do your shopping. Make your order online to acquire your table flags on a wooden base. Do not hesitate to visit, you will find many products that suit you. Much safer and easier to do, leave us your message to receive the best quote related to your order, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Personalized Table Flag on Wooden Base: The Communication Asset Par Excellence

In the dynamic world of marketing and advertising, every detail counts to capture customer attention. The personalized table flag on a wooden base is a wise choice for any company wishing to strengthen its visibility during professional events, trade fairs or within its own premises. This product combines aesthetics and functionality, showcasing your brand in an elegant and professional way.

Advanced Customization for Maximum Visibility

At Magic Print, we understand that personalization is key in creating an advertising product that suits you. This personalized table flag is made with 110 g/m² polyester fabric, treated to be flame retardant, thus guaranteeing safety and durability. Sublimation printing offers exceptional visual quality, with vibrant, long-lasting colors that won't fade after multiple machine washes at 30°C.

Choice of Colors and Varied Prints

Whether you opt for a rich, multi-colored four-color print, or for specific Pantone shades, you are assured of a faithful and impactful result. The possibility of double-sided printing on satin fabric adds an additional touch of refinement, allowing optimal visibility from all angles.

A Robust and Elegant Base

The wooden base, with a maximum height of 50 cm and a diameter of 10 cm, provides a stable and elegant base for your flag. This combination of quality materials not only ensures high visibility, but also a neat and professional presentation.

Size and Adaptability

The standard format of the flag, measuring 35 x 8 cm, is ideally sized for a conference table or reception counter, without taking up space while remaining perfectly visible. This product is designed to adapt to different environments, whether at an exhibition, in a sales area or during a corporate event.

Why Choose Magic Print?

With over 15 years of experience in the field of advertising printing, our team at Magic Print not only offers unrivaled know-how, but also dedicated customer service attentive to your specific needs. Choosing Magic Print means choosing a trusted partner capable of transforming your ideas into powerful communication tools.

Expertise at your service

Our technical expertise guarantees you a high-quality finished product, meeting the strictest standards and adapted to your most demanding requirements. Every project is a new adventure, and we are here to support you every step of the way, from design to delivery.

An Invitation to Collaborate

Are you considering adding a distinctive touch to your communication strategy? Magic Print's personalized table flag could be the missing piece to your marketing puzzle. Visit our website to discover our personalized solutions and request a quote. Together, we can create a visual impact that will take your brand to new heights.


Each interaction with your customers is an opportunity to strengthen your brand image. With the Magic Print wooden base table flag, transform every meeting into a powerful statement of your corporate identity. Why wait ? Contact us today and make your brand a compelling presence where it matters most.

Table flags on wooden base

AT - Drapeau table socle en bois

Polyester fabric 110 grs / m2, fireproof.
Sublimation printing, machine washable at 30 °
Process or pantone printing
Possibility of two-sided printing on satin fabrics
Wooden base height 50 cm max and diameter 10 cm
Standard size: 35 x 8 cm

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