Present yourself behind a counter OVI - CAVI

During the presentation of your new products or the opening of your new store, deliver your speech behind acounter OVI - CAVI. It shows your professionalism and makes you much more connected. No need for a grandiose thing to become a leader in your market, the use of an original communication tool such as a counter OVI - CAVI can take you out of the circle of anonymity and make you famous with your future target audiences. The shape and color of this kind of counter attracts everyone's attention enormously.

Create your counter OVI - CAVI at Magic-print

Did you know that Magic-print fulfills your wishes with a simple magic wand? No, we are exaggerating! However, Magic-print is a Pro in the design of a counter OVI - CAVI perfectly embodying your brand and image. You can indeed customize your counter to your liking. A quality product at a better price, our counter is designed from a 32 mm aluminum tubular structure. It has a textile cover printed in four colors for an impeccable visual presentation. It is extremely light weight, our counter OVI - CAVI can be moved as you see fit. In addition, you will no longer spend your energy on its installation since we will be doing it for free.

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Nothing could be easier then to order your counter OVI - CAVI from Magic-print. Let us know your ideas by sending us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Counter OVI - CAVI

IA - Comptoir OVI - CAVI

Flexible tubular structure made of 50 mm alumium.
Textile cover with zipper.
Double-sided customization.
Wood shelf black color included.
Size 101 x 60 depth of 40 cm
Included: construction + transport bag

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