Custom Wood and Fabric Fans: A Breath of Fresh Air for Your Business Communication

An Elegant and Effective Choice for Your Brand Strategy

In search of an advertising medium that is both stylish and practical?'s custom wood and fabric fans offer a refined solution for promoting your brand while providing a useful item to your clients. Ideal for outdoor events, conferences, or as promotional gifts during the warm seasons, a custom fan not only ensures optimal visibility but also creates a positive association with your brand.

Manufacturing Quality: A Touch of Refinement

Each fan is a work of art in itself, featuring full-color single-sided printing on fabric that accurately reproduces your patterns or logos in vibrant colors. The handle, made from sturdy wood, adds an ecological and durable dimension that will appeal to your environmentally conscious clients. Measuring 23 cm when closed and extending up to 42 cm when open, the fan consists of 16 to 18 segments, thus offering a large surface area for your advertising message.

Custom Packaging

Each fan is individually packaged in a polybag, ensuring optimal protection during transport and a flawless presentation when handed to the client. This attention to detail enhances the perception of quality and care, attributes your clients will associate with your brand.

Why Choose a Custom Fan for Your Communication?

Increased visibility: Used at events or by clients in their everyday lives, the custom fan ensures continuous exposure of your brand.

Guaranteed appreciation: With its functionality and attractive design, the fan is a gift your clients will love to use and keep, thus extending the impact of your advertising campaign.

Adaptability: Perfectly suited for various types of events, whether formal or casual, indoors or outdoors.

Choose the Expertise of

With over 15 years of experience in printing and custom advertising, is the ideal partner to realize your projects. Our manufacturing processes in China, combining cutting-edge technology and adherence to deadlines, allow us to offer high-quality products at competitive prices. The production lead time is 5 weeks, with a minimum order of 50 units, allowing you to effectively plan your promotional campaigns.

Why Invest in Custom Promotional Products?

Lasting impact: Customized products like fans offer a longer lifespan than traditional advertisements, ensuring prolonged visibility for your brand.

Brand consistency: They allow you to align your advertising strategy with the image and values of your company.

Customer engagement: Promotional gifts increase customer loyalty and satisfaction, thus strengthening business relationships.

A Fresh Breeze for Your Marketing

Custom wood and fabric fans are much more than just a promotional item; they are a vector of your brand identity, combining utility and aesthetics. By choosing, you opt for expert and personalized service that will uniquely and effectively elevate your business.

Eventail Wood/Tissus

CH - Eventail Bois/Tissu

Fan printed on fabric

Four-color printing Single-sided

Wooden holding part

Length of closed fan: 23 cm

Size of open fan: 42 cm

The fan is made up of 16 or 18 flaps

Individually packaged in a polybag

Optional screen printing or engraving on the edge

From 50 units

Deadline 5 weeks

Made in China