Bamboo/Paper Advertising Fans: A Breath of Fresh Air for Your Communication

Why choose bamboo and paper advertising fans for your business?

In a world where originality and visibility are paramount, the bamboo and paper advertising fan emerges as a clever choice for any business looking to make an impact. This product combines aesthetics with functionality, offering an ideal surface for personalized printing that captures attention while providing a refreshing breeze on hot days.

An effective and elegant advertising medium

The personalized fan is more than just a simple gadget; it is a true fashion accessory that your clients or prospects can use daily. With full-color printing available on one side or both, your message or logo gains maximum visibility in various situations, whether it be a wedding, festival, or corporate event. The fan's dimensions, 21 cm closed and 37 cm open, along with its 25 slats, provide ample customization space for limitless creativity.

A respectful and sustainable choice

Made with a bamboo handle, the fan is not only durable but also aesthetically pleasing. Each fan is individually packed in a polybag to ensure quality up to the end user. This attention to detail reflects your company’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Targeted communication and extended reach

Consider the impact of a fan at an outdoor event: not only does it serve as a shield against the heat, but it also acts as a mobile billboard. Each time the fan is used, your brand is exposed, thereby naturally and subtly increasing your brand recognition.

Why order your fans from an expert?

Choosing a supplier with over 15 years of experience in the field of advertising printing, like Magic-Print, not only assures a quality product but also professional support throughout your project. From design selection to final delivery, each step is carefully managed to precisely meet your needs.

Question the effectiveness of your current campaigns

Do your current communication tools provide maximum visibility at events? Are your current promotional products being used recurrently by your target audience? An advertising fan could be the key to refreshing and energizing your communication.

Make a difference with Magic-Print

With minimum orders starting at 50 units and production times of 5 weeks, you can launch an effective and well-planned communication campaign. Production is carried out in China, ensuring competitive costs while maintaining high quality standards.


The bamboo and paper advertising fan from Magic-Print is more than just a promotional choice; it’s a powerful communication strategy that extends your brand’s visibility. To see how these elegant fans can transform your external communication, do not hesitate to visit to request a personalized quote. Breathe new life into your marketing with Magic-Print!

Eventail Plastic/Tissus

CH - Eventail Bambou/Papier

Fan printed on paper

Four-color printing Single-sided or double-sided

Bamboo holding part

Single-sided printing:

The fan is made up of 25 flaps

Length of closed fan: 21 cm

Size of open fan: 37 cm

From 50 units

Deadline 5 weeks

Double-sided printing :

The fan is made up of 30 flaps

Length of the closed fan: 21 or 23 cm (identical price)

Size of the open fan: 37 or 42 cm (identical price)

From 500 units

Deadline 5/7 weeks


Individually packaged in a polybag

Optional screen printing or engraving on the edge

Made in China