Custom Bamboo/Fabric Fan: A Breath of Freshness for Your Corporate Communication

The Art of Making an Elegant Impression

In a world where visual communication is everywhere, standing out becomes a real challenge for businesses. The custom bamboo/fabric fan from Magic Print offers an elegant and original solution to capture attention while conveying your brand message subtly and sophisticatedly. But why choose this accessory over others? What are the concrete advantages for your company? And why opt for an experienced professional to make it?

A Personal Touch That Makes All the Difference

Choosing the custom bamboo/fabric fan means opting for a product that combines utility with aesthetics. With full-color printing on one side, this fan turns every breeze into an exhibition of your brand. Imagine your logos and messages elegantly displayed with every hand movement at an outdoor event or reception. Advanced customization allows for creating a truly unique item that speaks directly to your target audience.

Technical Details of the Fan: Quality and Elegance

The custom fan stands out not only for its attractive design but also for its high-quality technical specifications:

Practical Dimensions: 21 cm long when closed and extending up to 37 cm when open, it is both compact and effective.

Detailed Construction: Composed of 25 ribs, it offers a large design surface while remaining manageable.

Neat Presentation: Each fan is individually packed in a polybag, ensuring elegant and hygienic distribution.

Why Order from a Professional with Over 15 Years of Experience?

Choosing Magic Print means benefiting from more than fifteen years of expertise in the field of custom printing. The benefits are multiple:

Guaranteed Quality: Mastery of advanced printing techniques ensures impeccable visual results.

Expert Advice: Professional guidance helps you choose the best customization options.

Lead Time: With a 5-week turnaround, your order is managed efficiently, even for large volumes.

Communication through the Fan: A Strategic Choice

By opting for the custom fan, you choose a communication medium that engages and endures. Whether for marketing campaigns, corporate gifts, or even merchandising at concerts or festivals, this item can turn every interaction into an opportunity to leave a lasting impression.

A Fresh Twist on Your Brand Strategy

Investing in a custom bamboo/fabric fan at Magic Print is not just a product choice; it's a strategic decision for your corporate communication. It's time to give your brand the elegance and impact it deserves.


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Eventail Plastic/Tissus

CH - Eventail Bambou/Tissus

Fan printed on fabric

Four-color printing on one side

Bamboo holding part

Length of closed fan: 21 cm

Size of open fan: 37 cm

The fan is made up of 25 flaps

Individually packaged in a polybag

Optional screen printing or engraving on the edge

From 50 units

Deadline 5 weeks

Made in China