Custom Bamboo/Fabric GIANT Fans: Elegance and Impact in Corporate Communication

Why choose the GIANT custom bamboo/fabric fan for your corporate communication?

In an era where distinction and originality in communication strategies are more crucial than ever, visionary companies opt for advertising solutions that make a lasting impression. The GIANT custom bamboo/fabric fan from Magic-Print emerges as a strategic choice for those looking to combine elegance, practicality, and increased visibility.

A Remarkable Design for Maximum Visibility

Imagine an outdoor event, conference, or reception where each attendee is given an elegant fan displaying your company's colors. Not only does this provide immediate comfort, but it also transforms each user into a mobile billboard. The impressive size of 62 cm when opened, and the 13 flaps of this fan, provide a perfect canvas for full-color printing, either on one side or both, ensuring that your message or logo catches attention from afar.

Durability and Quality: Magic-Print's Commitment

Made with a robust black bamboo structure and superior quality fabric, these fans are not just promotional items but real gifts that your clients or prospects will want to keep and use. Bamboo, chosen for its durability, gives each fan a prolonged lifespan, thus ensuring long-term visibility for your brand.

A Responsible Choice for Global Reach

Although production is carried out in China, it adheres to strict quality standards, with particular attention to manufacturing details. Each fan is individually packed in a polybag, ensuring its protection until handed over. Available from 50 units and with a production lead time of 5 weeks, this product is ideal for planning your promotional campaigns well in advance and stress-free.

Magic-Print's Expertise, a Seal of Trust

Choosing Magic-Print means opting for over 15 years of experience in the advertising printing industry. This rich history not only ensures impeccable product quality but also expertise in managing the specific communication needs of businesses. Having a reliable and experienced partner like Magic-Print can turn your advertising campaigns into resounding successes.

Why is the custom fan a wise choice for your company?

Custom fans offer dual functionality: comfort on hot summer days and increased visibility at events. They are also vectors of nostalgia, evoking elegance and refinement—qualities cherished in luxury sectors, hospitality, or event management.


In conclusion, if you are looking for a promotional item that combines utility, aesthetics, and advertising impact, the GIANT custom bamboo/fabric fan from Magic-Print is the perfect choice. We invite you to visit our website to request a personalized quote. Make your next advertising campaign a masterstroke with a product that speaks for itself!

Eventail Plastic/Tissus

CH - Eventail Bambou/Tissus G

Fan printed on fabric

Four-color printing Single-sided or double-sided BLACK Bamboo holding part

Length of closed fan: 33 cm Open fan size: 62 cm

The fan is made up of 13 flaps

Individually packaged in a polybag

Optional screen printing on the edge

From 50 units

Deadline 5 weeks Made in China