Custom Plastic and Fabric Fans: A Breath of Fresh Air for Your Corporate Communication

In a world where originality and customization are paramount in communication strategies, custom fans stand as an elegant and effective choice to make a lasting impression. With over 15 years of expertise in the advertising printing field, offers the opportunity to transform a simple accessory into a powerful marketing tool. But why choose this item, and what are the tangible benefits for your business? Let’s dive into the world of custom fans to uncover their potential.

Why Choose Custom Fans as a Communication Tool?

A custom fan provides a significant communication surface thanks to its open size of 42 cm and 14 flaps printable in full color. Imagine your logo, accompanied by a catchy message, displayed at outdoor events, conferences, or trade shows. It is not only a practical item for your clients during hot summer days but also a vector of your brand identity.

The choice of 11 plastic colors for the handle part allows perfect adaptation to your graphic charter, thus enhancing your visibility. The individual packaging of each fan ensures an elegant and neat distribution, adding a touch of professionalism to your approach.

What Are the Advantages for Your Business?

Increased visibility: When a client or prospect uses your custom fan, they visually spread your brand in their immediate environment. This increases your brand recognition organically and impactfully.

Positive association: The fan is perceived as an elegant and useful object. Associated with this accessory, your brand benefits from a positive image, enhancing customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Longevity of advertising impact: Unlike flyers or other often ephemeral paper materials, the fan is an item that is kept and reused. This prolongs the lifespan of your advertising message, for an improved return on investment.

Why Order from a Professional like

Opting for a printing professional with over 15 years of experience like ensures impeccable quality and consistency with current market standards. The benefits are multiple:


Technical expertise: Mastery of full-color printing techniques guarantees a visual result that meets your expectations and impeccable finishing of your custom fans.

Personalized advice: At, each project is unique. You benefit from tailor-made advice to choose the best design, the ideal plastic color, and the best distribution strategy for your fans.

Adherence to deadlines: With a manufacturing lead time of 5 weeks and the ability to handle large quantity orders (from 50 units), you can plan your promotional campaigns without fear of setbacks.

A Wave of Change for Your Communication

Custom fans offer a refreshing and original opportunity to communicate about your brand or event. They combine utility, aesthetics, and visibility, major assets in the field of object advertising. To explore the possibilities offered by this elegant communication support and to start customizing your order, visit A personalized quote awaits you there, promising a service that meets your expectations and a finished product that will carry your colors beyond expectations.

Eventail Plastic/Tissus

CH - Eventail Plastic/Tissus

Fan printed on fabric

Four-color printing on one side

Plastic holding part 11 plastic colors to choose from

Length of closed fan: 23 cm

Size of open fan: 42 cm

The fan is made up of 14 flaps

Individually packaged in a polybag From 50 units

Optional screen printing or engraving on the edge

Deadline 5 weeks

Made in China