Double bowl box


All our boxes are Made in France.

They are all made from 2mm gray cardboard which we cover with printed paper (other thicknesses possible).

Except in special cases, they are eligible for the yellow bin (sorting)

A bottom bowl + an intermediate bowl which fits into the bottom + a lid bowl of the same size as the bottom (groove visible or not depending on dimensions)

From 200 copies

The main interest in the great heights made possible (greater than 10 cm)

Mini / maxi dimensions: 80x80xh30 / 500x400xh170 mm

All dimensions are expressed in interior dimensions.

Common finishes:

- Covering: matt or glossy laminated four-color printing or creative paper (mass tinted) with hot stamping.

- Interior display: everything is possible, but the standard is a white or black interior display.

- Hot stamping: gold / silver / white / black / transparent (or colors depending on availability).

- Interior cushioning: the most common are foam/cardboard or compartments. We especially highlight the cardboard solution, because it is cheaper and simpler to implement.

- Ribbons: they are used to lift the object or document inside the box, or to close the box itself (book box).

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