Bell Boxes: The Art of Marking Minds with Elegance

In the vast world of advertising and personalized items, a rare pearl attracts the attention of visionary companies: the personalized bell box. A true jewel in the field of communication through objects, the bell box, offered by Magic Print, presents itself as the essential ally for any company wishing to stand out. But why this enthusiasm around an apparently simple object? Let's dive together into the fascinating world of bell boxes and discover how they can become ambassadors for your brand.

A Made in France Case for Messages that Resonate

Each bell box that we offer is a source of national pride: made in France with the greatest care, it is the result of unique know-how and impeccable quality. Made from 2 mm thick gray cardboard – with the possibility of adjusting this measurement according to your needs – these boxes are then covered with paper printed according to your wishes, whether it is a four-color finish laminated, matte or glossy, or even mass-dyed creative paper. These personalization choices offer unparalleled freedom to convey your message with elegance and distinction.

The interior is not to be outdone, with careful finishes that allow extensive customization: standard white or black interior display, hot stamping in gold, silver, or even specific shades to reflect your visual identity. The interior packaging options, mainly made of cardboard for an economical and ecological solution, are designed to highlight the contents of the box, as are the ribbons, which add a final touch to the presentation.

Why Opt for a Bell Box in your Communication Strategy?

The advantages are multiple. First of all, it is an original and high-end communication medium that will make an impression. Whether for a special event, a product launch, or as a business gift, the personalized bell box conveys a neat and professional brand image. It allows you to stand out from the competition with a refined and memorable approach.

Ordering from a printing professional such as Magic Print means securing more than 15 years of experience in the personalization of advertising items. This expertise guarantees not only exceptional quality but also tailor-made support in carrying out your project.

Frequently Asked Questions from Internet Users

What are the production times for an order of bell boxes?

How do I choose the most suitable finish for my project?

What options are available for an ecological rendering?

All these questions find personalized answers during the consultation with our experts. Each project is unique, and our goal is to offer you a solution that best reflects the essence of your brand.


In conclusion, bell boxes are much more than just packaging. They are the reflection of a brand, of attention to detail, of a message that we wish to engrave in memories. For all companies wishing to communicate with panache, these personalized boxes prove to be powerful and elegant communication vectors.

Bell box


All our boxes are Made in France.

They are all made from 2mm gray cardboard which we cover with printed paper (other thicknesses possible).

Except in special cases, they are eligible for the yellow bin (sorting)

From 200 units

The lid may fall partially or all the way down.

Mini / maxi dimensions: 80x80xh15 / 500x400xh95 mm

All dimensions are expressed in interior dimensions.

Common finishes:

- Covering: matt or glossy laminated four-color printing or creative paper (mass tinted) with hot stamping.

- Interior display: everything is possible, but the standard is a white or black interior display.

- Hot stamping: gold / silver / white / black / transparent (or colors depending on availability).

- Interior cushioning: the most common are foam/cardboard or compartments. We especially highlight the cardboard solution, because it is cheaper and simpler to implement.

- Ribbons: they are used to lift the object or document inside the box, or to close the box itself (book box).

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