Fabric Headrests with Elastic: Comfort, Personalization, and European Quality

Advertising fabric headrests with elastic have become essential accessories for those looking for the ultimate in comfort and customization in their seats and backs. Designed with polyester, these advertising headrests not only offer additional comfort, but they also allow complete customization thanks to four-color sublimation or Pantone printing. Their custom manufacturing in Europe guarantees exceptional quality.

Polyester: An Ideal Material for Comfort

Polyester is a material known for its softness, lightness and durability. When used to make headrests, it guarantees superior comfort. The softness of polyester provides a pleasant feeling to the touch, while its lightness ensures optimal comfort, even during long periods of use. Additionally, polyester is easy to maintain, making it a practical choice for seating accessories.

Unlimited Personalization thanks to Four-Color Sublimation and Pantone Printing

One of the main advantages of fabric headrests with elastic is their ability to be personalized according to your preferences. You have the option to choose between two highly precise printing methods: four-color sublimation and Pantone printing.

Four-color sublimation is a printing process that allows for an unlimited range of colors. This means you can create color-rich designs, images, patterns or logos with exceptional image quality. Thanks to this method, your fabric headrests will be unique and will perfectly reflect your style.

Pantone printing is an ideal option if you have specific colors to adhere to, such as brand colors or particular shades. This method allows for precise color matching using the Pantone system, ensuring that your headboards match the rest of your interior design perfectly.

The Additional Comfort Offered by Elastics

Elastics are an ingenious addition to fabric advertising headbands. They provide additional comfort by allowing the headrest to adjust perfectly to the shape of your head. The elastics also help keep the headrest in place, even during movements and changes in position. You can therefore enjoy unparalleled comfort without having to constantly worry about readjusting the headrest.

Custom Manufacturing: Meet All Your Requirements

Custom manufacturing is one of the major advantages of fabric headrests with elastic. No matter the size or shape of your seat or back, these headrests can be designed to fit perfectly. You can specify the exact dimensions, shape and style you desire. This customization ensures that your headrests correspond precisely to your needs and tastes.

European Quality: A Guarantee of Excellence

When you choose fabric advertising headrests with elastic made in Europe, you are guaranteed to get a product of the highest quality. Europe is renowned for its advanced manufacturing and strict quality standards. You can trust that your fabric headboards will be manufactured with care, meeting the highest industry standards.

Versatile Uses

Advertising fabric headrests with elastic are versatile and adapt to many situations. Whether in a residential setting, an office, a cinema, a restaurant, or another public place, these headrests offer unparalleled comfort. They can be used with a wide variety of seating options, from recliners to waiting room chairs to sofas.

Easy Maintenance

In addition to their comfort and personalization, fabric advertising headrests with elastic are also easy to maintain. Polyester is stain resistant and easy to clean if it gets dirty. You can therefore enjoy your headrests worry-free, knowing that they will remain in perfect condition with minimal maintenance.

Fabric headrests with elastic

AT-Têtières élastique

​Polyester fabric headrest for seat backs

Four-color sublimation or pantone printing

With elastics

Custom manufacturing.

Manufacturing Europe

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