The Personalized Snack Box: Your Essential Marketing Ally

In the vast universe of corporate communication strategies, the personalized snack box emerges as an innovative and attractive solution. Today, we dive into the world of this revolutionary advertising item offered by Magic Print, the personalized printing specialist with more than 15 years of experience.

Why Choose the Personalized Snack Box?

At first glance, choosing a snack box to convey your company's image might seem atypical. However, it is precisely its singularity that forges its effectiveness. Imagine the surprise and smile of your customers or colleagues when discovering not only a treat but also your message, subtly integrated into this unique packaging.

A Multi-Sensory Communication Support

The personalized snack box is not limited to a simple visual vector of your brand. It engages several senses simultaneously: sight, of course, but also taste and smell thanks to the delights it contains. This sensory festival guarantees a memorable memory of your brand.

Formats for All Needs

Whether your snack is small or large, Magic Print has thought of everything. With various formats ranging from 14.7x8.7x4.7 cm to 20.6x10.3x4.7 cm, find the ideal size for your product. The closable lid is a nice little extra, increasing the practicality of your snack box.

Endless customization

Thanks to four-sided printing, your creativity is the only limit. Whether you want to feature your logo, an advertising message or a unique design, Magic Print turns your vision into reality. This ability to fully personalize your snack box makes it a powerful and direct communication tool.

Why Choose Magic Print?

With over fifteen years of experience in the field of personalized printing, Magic Print is your trusted partner. Our expertise allows us to offer you tailor-made solutions, adapted to your communication strategy. At Magic Print, we understand the importance of every detail in promoting your brand.

Engage Your Customers in an Original Way

In a market where originality and personalization reign supreme, the personalized snack box stands out as a wise choice. It offers a unique experience to your customers while conveying the image of your company in an original and memorable way.

A Profitable Investment

Beyond its potential as a communication tool, the personalized snack box represents a wise investment. Its cost, relatively modest compared to its potential impact on the perception of your brand, makes it an attractive option for all companies concerned about their image.

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Snack Boxes


Suitable for direct food contact with dry, moist and oily foods.
0% plastic
Complies with SUP regulations
With resealable lid


  • Bottom 14,7x8,7x4,7 cm / Top 15,9x9,3x4,7 cm
  • Bottom 17,5x9,2x4,7 cm / Top 18,8x10,4x4,7 cm
  • Bottom 20,6x10,3x4,7 cm / Top 22x11,4x4,7 cm

Material: Grease Guard GT2 350gsm packing board

Printing: Four-sided

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