Discover the Customized Food Box: An Essential for Communication through Objects

In the fast-paced world of business, standing out is essential. This is where Magic-Print comes in with an elegant and personalized solution: the food box. It's not just a container; it is an ambassador for your brand, a touch of refinement in the world of corporate communication. Let's see together why and how this box will quickly become a pillar of your marketing strategy.

A Captivating Design to suit your Image

Let's imagine for a moment. Your product, perfectly packaged in a carefully designed box, proudly bearing your logo, sits on your customers' tables. The first impression is visual, and here it works in your favor. Available in two generous sizes – 38 x 30 x 14 cm for small appetites, and 61 x 37 x 14 cm for larger appetites – these boxes offer enough space for any type of food product, whilst remaining handy and stylish .

The quality is not left out. Made from 1.5 m type E corrugated cardboard, these boxes are coated with a 150 g semi-matt coating and finished with a glossy varnish, guaranteeing not only optimal protection of their contents but also a high-end visual rendering . Choose between pristine white and deep black for the exterior color, providing the perfect background to highlight your visual identity.

Personalization at your fingertips

Personalization is at the heart of Magic-Print’s offering. The upper side of the box is your canvas: express your brand, your values, your message. Whether you opt for a clean aesthetic or vibrant Pantone-specific colors, your packaging will speak for you, creating a memorable experience for your customers.

Why Choose the Personalized Food Box?

Visibility and Brand Recognition

In a saturated market, visual distinction is crucial. A personalized box is more than packaging; it is a powerful marketing tool that increases the visibility of your brand and strengthens its recognition among consumers.

Product Valuation

High-quality packaging reflects the value of what it contains. It conveys a message of quality and care, thereby increasing the perception of the value of your product in the eyes of customers.

Emotional Engagement

A careful and personalized design creates an emotional connection with the customer, promoting loyalty and recommendation. It’s the “wow” effect upon opening that transforms a simple act of purchasing into a memorable experience.

Why Magic-Print?

With more than 15 years of experience in the field of printing and personalization of advertising objects, Magic-Print stands out for its expertise and commitment to quality. Choosing Magic-Print means choosing a trusted partner capable of bringing your most ambitious visions to life.


Expertise: A team of professionals attentive to your needs, guaranteeing tailor-made and innovative solutions.

Quality: First choice materials and particular attention to detail for a result that meets your expectations.

Personalization: Nearly unlimited customization options to accurately reflect the essence of your brand.


Magic-Print's personalized food box is more than just packaging; it is a statement, a vector of your brand image, a bridge between you and your customers. In the ballet of commercial interactions, it guarantees you a place of choice in the minds and hearts of your target.


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Food Boxes



  • 38 x 30 x 14cm
  • 61 x 37 x 14cm

Material: Corrugated cardboard 1,5 m type E, coated with semi-matt coated 150 g with glossy varnish

Print Position: Top Side

Exterior color: White or Black

Printing: Unprinted or Pantone

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