Personalized Popcorn Boxes: The Charming Asset of Your Corporate Communication

In a world where every detail counts, personalization has become the key to successful communication. At Magic-Print, we understand this well and are proud to present our range of customizable popcorn boxes, an invitation to make an impression during each tasting.

One Packaging, A Thousand Possibilities

Imagine for a moment: a corporate event, a trade show, or even a movie night organized by your brand. Each guest is offered a box of popcorn, not just any popcorn, but proudly displaying your logo, your colors, and a catchy message. More than a simple container, this box becomes a vector of your identity, an extension of your brand in the hands of each participant.

Limitless Adaptability

Our boxes are designed to accommodate any type of delicacy, whether dry, moist or oily, ensuring an optimal taste experience. Thanks to their autolock bottom, assembly becomes child's play, allowing you to focus on what really matters: your customers' experience.

Formats for All Appetites

Little Treat: Perfect for a little attention

Medium Gourmet: Ideal for a snack break

Shared Gourmet: The perfect option for convivial moments

Each format is designed to meet your needs and adapt to different types of events, making each tasting memorable.

Unparalleled Quality

Made from Grease Guard GT2 cardboard, our boxes guarantee the freshness and flavor of your popcorn, while displaying your brand in the best light. The quality of our material reflects the excellence of your business, ensuring a polished and professional brand image.

Why Choose Personalization?

Personalization offers a double advantage: it sets you apart from the competition and creates an emotional connection with your audience. A personalized popcorn box is not just packaging; it’s an experience, a memory that your customers will associate with your brand. This is an opportunity to communicate in an original and memorable way, thus strengthening your brand identity.

Magic-Print: Your Trusted Partner

With more than 15 years of experience in the field of printing and personalization, Magic-Print positions itself as an undisputed leader. Our expertise and our passion for innovation allow us to offer you high quality products, adapted to your communication needs. Opting for Magic-Print means choosing a reliable and experienced partner, dedicated to the success of your business.

Choose Excellence

Magic-Print's personalized popcorn box is more than just a container; it is a powerful communication tool that will captivate your customers and promote your brand. Don't miss the opportunity to make a difference.

To make your project a reality and explore all the possibilities offered by our personalized popcorn boxes, we invite you to visit our website and request a quote. Together, let's bring your ideas to life and transform each tasting into an unforgettable experience.

Popcorn boxes


Suitable for direct food contact with dry, moist and oily foods.
0% plastic
Complies with SUP regulations
With autolock bottom


  • Bottom 8x8x17,2 cm / Top 9,4x9,4x17,2 cm / ca 1,4 liters
  • Bottom 9,5x9,5x19,8 cm / Top 12x12x19,8 cm / ca 2,3 liters
  • Bottom 13,8x13,8x21,2 cm / Top 17,2x17,2x21,2 cm / ca 6,6 liter

Material: Grease Guard GT2 350gsm packing board

Printing: Four-sided

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