Hamburger box: The essential choice to present and protect your gastronomy

In the world of fast food, the personalized hamburger box plays a crucial role. Not only does it serve to present the hamburger attractively, but it also ensures its protection and preservation.

The Importance of Quality

Used materials

The choice of materials for the manufacture of personalized hamburger boxes is fundamental. Generally, they are made from cardboard, which offers a solution that is durable. These materials not only guarantee heat conservation, but also protect the product against external elements.

Design and customization

The design of personalized hamburger boxes should not be overlooked. An attractive and personalized box can greatly influence the customer's perception towards the brand. Companies are therefore investing in innovative and personalized designs that reflect their brand identity.

Functionality and practicality

Conservation and protection

The primary function of a personalized hamburger box is to preserve the hamburger optimally. It must maintain the proper temperature and protect the hamburger from external contaminants, while avoiding leaks of sauce or grease.

Ease of transportation

In the current context where food delivery is booming, the personalized hamburger box must also be easy to transport. Its design must make it possible to keep the hamburger intact during transport, thus avoiding any alteration of quality.


The personalized hamburger box is much more than just a container. It represents an essential element of the dining experience in the fast food sector. By combining quality, functionality, aesthetics and environmental responsibility, personalized hamburger boxes continue to evolve to meet the changing needs of consumers and businesses.

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Burger box


Suitable for direct food contact with dry, moist and oily foods.
0% plastic
Complies with SUP regulations
With practical closure
Combines perfectly with "anti-fat" paper


  • 8 x 9,2 x 4,2cm
  • 11,5 x 10,8 x 8cm

Material: Grease Guard GT2 350gsm packing board

Printing: Single-sided four-color process

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