Customizable berlingot box: The idea packaging to surprise and seduce

In the world of packaging, the berlingot customizable box stands out as a solution that is both practical and aesthetic. Derived from the shape of the famous candy, this box has become a preferred choice for those looking to combine originality and functionality.

The history and evolution of the Berlingot box

The carton, originally, is a traditional candy, known for its characteristic pyramidal shape. Inspired by this confectionery, the customizable berlingot box has evolved to become distinctive packaging. Initially used in the food sector, it quickly found its place in various fields thanks to its unique design and ease of use.

The advantages of cartons as packaging

The customizable berlingot box offers multiple advantages. Its original shape attracts attention and makes it stand out on the shelves. Additionally, it is easy to assemble and can be manufactured in a variety of materials, providing adaptability to different products.

Different uses of the Berlingot box

Beyond its traditional use for confectionery, the carton is today used to package a multitude of products. From cosmetics to jewelry, including small decorative objects, this versatile box is suitable for many sectors.

Personalization and brand impact

Personalization is a major asset of the Berlingot box. Businesses can print their logos, use specific colors or even change the size of the box to reflect their brand identity. This packaging then becomes an effective marketing tool.

The berlingot customizable box, with its unique shape and versatility, is more than just packaging. It has become a central element in the branding and marketing strategy of many companies. Combining aesthetics, functionality, it is a preferred choice for those looking to make a lasting impression on their customers.

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Cardboard box personalized 100% in four colors.


  • 17 x 3 x 10,5cm
  • 22,7 x 4,9 x 17,2cm

Material: cardboard 330 grs/m2

Personalization: Full color


  • standard finish
  • Glossy lamination on the front
  • Matte lamination on the front
  • Soft Touch lamination on the front

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