An advertising balloon: the best choice of floating decoration

Faced with your competitors, all means are good in order to reach the first place. With that, never give up and you'll get to the top. You may be wondering how to achieve this, well, nothing difficult, just show your brand image on an original advertising medium such as a personalized balloon. To be used as a decoration in any celebration such as the launch of your products, or at trade shows, or even in your place of sale, the advertising balloon is a very suitable accessory to reinforce your visibility. For special events such as birthday parties, weddings, these balloons can be displayed to provide a beautiful decoration in the room.

A balloon to send messages

As a company, are you looking to broadcast the maximum number of advertising messages with a quality communication object? The personalized balloon can carry out this mission thanks to its excellent visibility. The balloon has various formats that allow it to be visible from afar. Inside, the ball can be hung from the ceiling. It waves in the air while lifting your image. Outside, its resistant character allows it to stay in the sun for a long time. In no time, you can effectively circulate your personalized messages.

Let Magicprint create your promotional balloon

Imagine the color of the balloon that suits you as well as the message you want to convey with it, and let us create the personalized balloon that meets your expectations. Made entirely in Europe, our balloon inflated with air or helium is made of 100% latex and with 1 color four-color printing. Regarding the colors, you will have the choice between Pastel or Metallic. To reach your customers, a variety of sizes are also available. Be cool and fun by highlighting your color on an advertising balloon.

Place your advertising balloon order online

Visit our online store. Without further ado, place your personalized balloon order at an affordable price on Just leave us a message and our team will be at your service and get back to you very quickly. The printing and delivery time depends on the batch of balloons you plan to buy. The best part is that your purchases will be delivered on the agreed day.

Balloons - Latex personalized advertising balloon

RD-Ballon latex

100% latex balloons.

Europe manufacturing.
Balloons of PASTEL or METAL colors.
Balloons 100% biodegradable.

Balloons tinted with natural pigments.

Print from 1 color to process color.

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