Custom Grass Paper Cards: A Distinctive Choice for Innovative Corporate Communication

Originality at the Service of Communication

In the business world, standing out often equates to success. Opting for custom grass paper cards is a perfect illustration of this quest for originality. Made from grass, these cards are not just a product; they are a message in themselves, showcasing the innovation and creativity of a company.

Why Choose Grass Paper for Your Business Cards?

The choice of grass paper for your communication materials is significant. This material offers a unique texture and visual quality that immediately captures attention. When you hand out a grass paper card, you are not just giving out your contact details; you are also sharing a piece of your brand's identity: committed to innovation and dedicated to providing a unique experience.

Advantages of Communicating with Grass Paper Cards

Lasting Impression on Your Clients

Using grass paper cards allows you to leave a lasting and significant impression. In a world where every detail counts, these cards become a powerful marketing tool. They convey a message of respect for new techniques and materials, reinforcing your company's brand as avant-garde and aware of the latest trends.

Customization Reflecting Your Brand offers the ability to customize these cards as you wish, which can include your logo, brand colors, and even specific messages. This deep customization is essential for creating a direct and personal connection with the recipient, thus increasing the chances of memorization and subsequent contact.

Why Choose Magic Print?

Over 15 Years of Expertise

With more than fifteen years of experience in custom printing, Magic Print stands as an undisputed leader. This expertise not only ensures the quality of the finished products but also professional support throughout the creation and ordering process.

Cutting-Edge Technology

The use of state-of-the-art printing technologies allows Magic Print to meet custom requests with maximum precision and efficiency. Whether for small quantities or large orders, our technology and expertise ensure a flawless result that meets your expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are grass paper cards more expensive than traditional cards?

Pricing is based on quotations, allowing the cost to be tailored to your specific needs and the complexity of your project.

How to Place an Order?


To order your custom grass paper cards, simply visit to request a quote. Our team will guide you through the available options to ensure the final product perfectly matches your expectations.

In Conclusion

Choosing custom grass paper cards to communicate about your business means opting for significant innovation. At, we are committed to providing high-quality products that will make a good impression while valuing your commitment to originality and quality. Don't wait, visit our site to see how these unique cards can transform your corporate communication.

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GRASS paper is made from grass, it is of good quality.

It is among the most popular products.

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