Get visibility with a personalized kraft paper bag

After the ban on plastic bags, the paper bag has become the product that gives customers a luxurious feeling. At Magicprint, a personalized advertising paper bag is designed with resistant materials. It is a product at a budget-friendly price. To gain visibility and notoriety, opt for an xl paper bag, it can replace the plastic bag, the tote bag, etc.

What advantages does a personalized paper bag provide?

This is a good way to get your brand name out there. The aesthetics of the bag make your advertising more captivating and gain more exposure. In addition, a personalized bag makes it easy to reach a wider target audience.

A personalized paper bag is a practical and effective way to increase the visual impact of a brand image. This will optimize your sales and make your products more attractive.

A paper bag is also an economical option for your brand. This item can also be used as a replacement for gift wrapping. It comes in different shapes and sizes.

A personalized paper bag: an original design at Magicprint

A product is judged by its quality and appearance. Our customizable paper bag is available in several sizes (large, medium or small), allowing your business or store to choose what best suits your needs. They provide a convenient and inexpensive weapon to promote your business while simultaneously displaying your color and your products.

The printing of these trendy items is done in 1 color, 2 colors or four-color process. To look more classy, ​​the bags can be wrapped in special packaging or aluminum foil. To facilitate the transport of your products, the bags are equipped with handles in colored paper or white, black or red cotton.

Order a personalized paper bag with handles to present your colors.

Paper bag 120 ou 140 grs XL


120 or 140 grs paper bag

Sizes: (width x depth x height)

we also have express paper bageco express paper bag and Luxe paper bag

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