Paper bag printing, promote your brand, your products and your business

Constituting a choice alternative to plastic packaging, the luxury bag allows you to have careful packaging for your goods. Fully personalized, it constitutes an elegant promotional support for a neat and elegant identity. Its design and finish will accompany and ensure your customers a unique experience. Its frequent use on all occasions projects an eminent image to your consumers and also sets you apart from your competitors.

Personalized luxury paper bag, a wonderful marketing opportunity for your business

Perfect communication tools, luxury kraft paper bags will be your allies in promoting a certain brand or product. Distributed to guests at trade fairs as gifts or offered to clients at professional events, the personalized luxury paper bag is a real marketing weapon that you can use at any time. It will deliver your message while highlighting your visual assets. Once personalized, they will be an effective marketing tool for your business. Indeed, your consumers will carry their bags in the street with your brand clearly visible. The use of the bag at the point of sale, sometimes transformed into a decorative object, proves the confidence of your customers in your brand.

Are you looking for stylish printed paper bags for your business or special event? Then our personalized luxury paper bags are the ideal solution. Available in a variety of styles, we give you a variety of options for your promotional bags. The crème de la crème of paper bags, our luxury paper bags can be tailored to your specifications. Highlighting your image or giving a positive advertising boost to your brand is never this simple. Magic-print has a solid reputation and years of expertise in this field and guarantees the quality and success of your personalization. You can draw logos and slogans there and even choose the color palette and fonts.

Opt for a classy finish when purchasing your personalized luxury paper bag

Featuring sturdy handles, luxury paper bags rarely end up in the trash. Thick and durable, they have cardboard reinforcement at the bottom and back of the bag. Intended for VIP customers, this type of bag is ideal for various companies specializing in the sale of perfumes, luxury clothing stores, jewelry stores, perfumeries, opticians, delicatessens. Serving as excellent packaging and as gift wrap, they come in several thicknesses depending on the use for which it is intended.

Shaped by hand, operators help with folding, gluing, adding reinforcements and installing handles. Their specificity is improved thanks to this artisanal production method. Firmer and thicker, the personalized luxury paper bag allows products to be packaged carefully for better grip. Several forms of finishing can improve your paper bag. The back of the bag has a sumptuous appearance, from the handles to the ribbons and the entire bag, our luxury bags are fully customizable.

Order a high-end luxury paper advertising bag directly from an expert

Do you need personalized luxury paper bags urgently or in small quantities? To carry out your project, we listen to our clients, identify the most appropriate design for their business and their image, and add a distinguished touch. Our own screen printing department produces the printed luxury paper bags. Color printing is possible on one side or two-sided. Simply use the configurator to create your own luxury paper bags and place your order immediately. Visit our trusted site and make luxury paper bags for your business.

Different printing processes and many ornamental embellishments can be used to enhance the appearance of your bag. The handles can be customized in terms of material (paper or white twisted cotton), color and even shape. A print inside the bag or on the cardboard reinforcement, satin ribbons to close the bag, hot foil stamping in gold or silver, UV varnishes or embossing, thousands of possibilities are available to you . You can do it in just a few clicks. Visit, our personalization-focused website. You will be able to place your brand on a variety of premium products. You will be delivered a few days after making your purchase. Printed using offset or four-color printing procedure, our team guarantees high definition printing.

Give your advertising paper bag a neat and sophisticated appearance

Give your products a valuable appearance by opting for premium paper bags on A high-end variant of the advertising bag, the personalized luxury paper bag allows your customers to transport their belongings in complete safety while carrying a carefully wrapped package on their arm. For your part, you use the personalized luxury paper bag to project a managed brand image consistent with your company's values.

Personalize your luxury paper bags now to highlight your image in the most attractive way possible. Give them a shiny appearance thanks to their glossy lamination. Thanks to its excellent quality, it becomes the perfect gift packaging. Excellence won't wait, don't waste any more time. Visit our website to get everything you need to pamper your customers.

Offer the best possible customer experience to your consumers from a specialist. Give them the best the market has to offer, including the aesthetic and visual aspects of a good luxury paper bag. Through the slits, you can insert a pretty ribbon. We offer paper bag designs in a variety of sizes, colors and finishes in store. Our manufacturing department provides a tailor-made solution adapted to your needs. The delivery time is short.

Luxe paper bag


Luxe 170grs paper bag

Size: (width x depth x height)

  • 24x09x24 cm
  • 24x09x32 cm
  • 31x12x25cm
  • 31x12x31 cm
  • 31x12x41 cm

We also have paper bagsexpress paper bags and eco express paper bags.

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