A good visual impact with a personalized kraft bag

Kraft bag printing is a perfect way to promote your business without spending a lot of money. The personalized kraft bag from Magic-print is of good quality. It can be used for several purposes, including gift packaging, transportation of goods.

Be original with a personalized kraft bag

Apart from being a good option for promoting a business, a personalized kraft bag is also a gifting option. How it works ? Well, it’s simple! You just need to replace gift wrapping with this type of bag. You can print advertising or personal messages on this product and hope for a positive return on your actions.

A bag is personalized to reflect your unique personality and express your brand. So, use a unique design to display yourself to the general public. For all types of occasions, promotional events, Christmas parties, Mother's Day, etc. Stay unique with a trendy item.

Giving a gift wrapped in a kraft bag is unique and memorable. The personalization of a quality object can be a meaningful present for your loved ones or your customers. It offers great visibility to your image. A paper bag can almost 100% replace a plastic bag.

To package your products, your store must have quality packaging that suits your brand image and the products you sell.

Order a personalized kraft bag from Magicprint

All advertising projects are possible with a simple personalized kraft bag. On the paper, you can insert your logo, designs, texts or others. In our catalog, you can choose between the different sizes available: 24x09x24cm, 24x09x32cm, 31x12x25cm, 31x12x31cm, 31x12x41cm. The kraft is brown in color and weighs 120 grs/m². To better transport the products, the bags are equipped with a twisted paper or white, black or red cotton handle.

Our e-commerce store offers good quality advertising products at the best price. So grab your kraft bags today!

Express kraft paper bag


express paper bag 120g / m2 kraft brown + black

Size: (width x depth x height)

  • 24x09x24cm
  • 24x09x32cm
  • 31x12x25cm
  • 31x12x31cm
  • 31x12x41cm

we also have paper bagexpress paper bag and Luxe paper bag

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