Using a personalized paper bag for all events

A personalized paper bag is a good way to advertise your business, boutique or store. It can display all types of markings or have a white or non-white handle. It comes in several sizes to allow you to put any product.

A paper bag is also an effective option to build your brand and inform your customers of your new offerings. By ensuring that the custom printed paper bag is as unique as the merchandise inside, you will be able to get more attention from customers.

Get more out of the personalized paper bag

Using a paper bag to deliver your advertising message helps your business stand out from the competition. In this age, consumers prefer luxury, so having a beautiful and well-designed paper bag can help your brand create a strong presence in the market. Such an object can increase the personality of your brands and optimize sales volume.

For restaurateurs, it’s an excellent marketing tool for takeout meals. It is easily noticed by customers. Social media is a great source of traffic and personalized bags will help your business reach more customers.

It is an alternative to gift wrapping, a tote bag. Packing your gifts in a bag makes it easy to transport thanks to the handles and its size adapted to your gifts.

The personalized paper bag from Magicprint

Our personalized paper bag is designed with the best type of paper which is sturdy to support any merchandise. The finish of a white Express 140 grs/m² paper bag is glossy or matte to give more shine to your brand image. And to boost this aspect, we treat you like royalty by allowing your bag to be printed in full color on a large printing surface. And even more, you have the choice between a twisted paper handle or white cotton or other colors. Note that all our products are 100% customizable: kraft bags, white paper bags, etc. Therefore, for your communication needs, opt for a quality product that matches your requirements. Buy and receive your order as quickly as possible.

Express paper bag


Express paper bag 140 g / m2 glossy white + CMYK

Size: (width x depth x height)

  • 24x09x24cm
  • 24x09x32cm
  • 31x12x25cm
  • 31x12x31cm
  • 31x12x41cm

we also have paper bageco express paper bag and Luxe paper bag

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