An advertising paper bag: the ideal tool for a successful marketing campaign

The distribution of an advertising paper bag for a commercial operation allows your company to save money and be eco-responsible. Usually only the logo is printed on the bag, now with the Magicprint bag you can add a marketing message, include your website, twitter address or facebook address. When you want to promote campaigns, events or a new product, do not hesitate to display your advertisement on a paper bag for free.

In addition to promoting a brand, a paper bag can be a valuable promotional tool.

A practical and effective product

Since the ban on the use of the plastic bag, the paper bag has become a luxury product. For commercial use, an advertising paper bag allows you to broadcast your image on a large scale. A personalized kraft bag that displays the brand of your activity will be able to contain your goods or your promotional gifts.

Who can use the paper bag? This type of low-cost bag is the perfect choice for any company wishing to raise its profile. In the sale of ready-to-wear, shoes, cosmetics, perfumery, chocolate, pastries, jewelry… this product is the most coveted.

The manufacture of a paper bag requires meticulous work to receive an impeccable result. Why ? Because to reach your targets, its aesthetics will come to the fore.

Personalization of the advertising paper bag

Fully customizable, a 120 or 140 g advertising paper bag is the ideal packaging. The printing of this bag model is available in 1 color, 2 colors or in four colors, according to your graphic charter. To give you more satisfaction, we have implemented several sizes for you to choose.

The material used resists any possible tearing. Perfect for transporting any product, you have the choice between a white, black or red cotton handle or a twisted paper handle. For more aesthetics, it is possible to have a finish on the bags and when ordering, our team will make sure to offer you special packaging or aluminum foil to simplify the port.

Impress your customers with a better quality communication object.

Paper bag 120 ou 140 grs small and medium


120 or 140 grs paper bag

Sizes: (width x depth x height)

we also have express paper bageco express paper bag and Luxe paper bag

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