Win your race with rally plates from Magicprint

Particularly, during your automobile and motorcycle events, reinforce your credibility in the eyes of others by using suitable accessories such as these splendid rally platesmade at Magic-print. However, whatever the occasion which presents itself, during rally races, exhibitions, meetings with friends and why not at a wedding, dare to decorate your car with rally plates. They are very trendy and cool tools to set you apart from other participants or other competitors quite simply. This provides better visibility for you, even in the middle of the crowd. It will be much easier to identify you with these rally plates.

Let Magic-print offer you the rally plates that suit you

We provide you with our professionalism as well as our expertise in the manufacture of your rally plates. We create 2mm PVC rally plates. Our plates are printed in four colors for a better visual. We offer you rally plates with a cutout of standard shape and size 42 × 19.5 cm. On the other hand, for your motorcycles for example or for other things, you have the possibility of choosing other sizes on estimate, at your convenience.

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Rally plates


2mm PVC rally plates

Four-color printing

Cutting shape

Standard size: 42x19,5 cm

4 perforations

Any other size possible on estimate.

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