Be cute with mini T-shirts in your color

No one can resist touching or at least contemplating cute things. With that, seduce the public with a mini T-shirt to make your visibility much more imposing. Luck is on your side, so take it now. For you, who want to stand out from the competition, dare to display your brand image on pretty mini T-shirts. Indeed, these small gadgets are very original communication tools for your brand to be highlighted during major events (sports meetings, launch of new products, etc.). In addition, for supporters or fans of a football team, you can customize the mini T-shirt in miniature version of the jersey of your favorite team.

Magic-print offers you the ultimate mini T-shirts

Do you want a mini T-shirt embodying your image? That's good, because Magic-print is the expert you need. We provide you with mini T-shirts printed in full color HD sublimation. For your enjoyment, you have the choice between 3 standard sizes. Our mini T-shirt comes with a cord or tie. You know what, you will only find at Magic-print the best quality mini T-shirt at a lower price. You will not be disappointed by trusting us in the design of your mini T-shirt.

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Mini T-shirt

AT - Mini T-shirt

Full impression four-color sublimation HD
3 standard sizes: 10 x 11 cm / 12 x 13.5 cm / 15 x 16 cm
Supplied with cord or fastener

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