Travel differently with a personalized suitcase cover

Even when traveling, especially this summer, dare to stand out from other passengers by using a personalized suitcase cover to avoid losing your suitcases on one side and to show your personality on the other. Certainly, many will travel in order to spend pleasant moments with their family and to enjoy the best vacations. So, whether you take the train or the plane, it is likely that the bags and suitcases of the travelers get mixed up, so it is essential to be careful so that yours are not lost. Therefore, what better than a personalized suitcase cover to easily identify your suitcase. In addition, this accessory can be the object of unusual advertising medium in order to popularize your brand or your logo to a large audience.

Try the splendid personalized suitcase cover from Magic-print

Truth be told, Magic-print is the ideal designer with the expertise to design your custom suitcase cover. We manufacture waterproof lycra fabric suitcase covers to ensure better protection for your belongings. Custom MEDIUM size suitcase covers are available for you. However, if this size is not suitable for you, you can choose over any other custom-made size. With us, customers are Kings. Sold at very attractive prices, our personalized suitcase covers are top quality products.

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Suitcase cover


Lycra fabrics (85% polyester, 15% spantex)

Waterproof fabric

Height and weight:
XS and S: 55 cm - 3,08 Kg / 3,22 kg
M: 68cm - 4,64 kg
L: 75cm - 5,28 kg
XL: 82cm - 6,06 kg

Any other custom size

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