Message behind the use of PVC panels: "This is my territory!"

Have confidence in yourself to dominate your market against the competition. Surely, always be the best in order to achieve your goal of being at the top of the leaderboard. With that, highlight your brand image with PVC panels. You can display messages, the image of your products, all your offers, etc. on these PVC panels. You will dazzle more than one with this kind of billboard. PVC panels are indeed extraordinary communication tools that always give an effect of surprise each time we see them. Nothing is more effective to stand out from the crowd. PVC panels are suitable for both indoors and outdoors, don't worry about that.

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For your advertising, entrust yourself to an expert in the field such as Magic-print. Better quality PVC panels with very attractive prices are offered to you with us. You're served like a King at Magic-print, so don't hold back on demanding perfection. To satisfy you, our PVC panels are available in 3 thicknesses and can be printed on both sides. In addition, our panels are flat-printed with UV inks and have very good outdoor resistance. Treat yourself and don't hesitate to add a matte or glossy lamination.

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PVC panels


PVC panels.
Available in 3 thicknesses: 3, 5 and 10 mm.
Printable recto and recto / verso
Flatbed printing with UV inks.
Very good outdoor resistance.
Ability to add a matte or glossy lamination.

Max size of panels: 300x150 cm
Rectangle or shape cut.

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