Show the general public your image on an aquilux honeycomb panel

For your advertising, signage or communication needs, discover the aquilux honeycomb paneldesigned by Magic-print. It is the ideal advertising medium to convey a message to your target audiences. The fact that it is large makes it imposing, suddenly, it allows you to highlight your image in the eyes of everyone.

The advantages of aquilux honeycomb panels

Many positive points emanate from the use of aquilux honeycomb panels, especially for your advertising. Certainly, this accessory is very economical for you, since its design costs you little. No need to spend a colossal fortune to have your own aquilux honeycomb panel. In addition, apart from its lightness, this type of advertising panel is very suitable both indoors and outdoors. In addition, for your information, aquilux honeycomb panel can resist water. Nothing better to effectively stand out from your competitors.

Create your aquilux honeycomb panel at Magic-print

Are you looking for a better designer for the creation of your aquilux honeycomb panel? Well, stop going around in circles and let Magic-print manufacture the ultimate in aquilux honeycomb panels for you. We provide you with honeycomb polypropylene panels with 3 thicknesses to choose from (3.5, 5 and 8 mm), printable front and back / back.

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Aquilux honeycomb panel


Cellular Polypropylene Panels.
3 thicknesses: 3.5 ; 5 and 8 mm
Printable recto and recto / verso
Flatbed printing with UV inks.
Generally used indorr and outdoor.
Possibility to put eyelets.
Max panel size: 300×150 cm
Rectangle or shape cut.

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