Shine bright with an outdoor signboard

Do you want your image as well as your message to be visible both day and night? Well, dare to use an outdoor signboard. You will surely not go unnoticed with this sparkling communication medium. The best part about the outdoor signboard is the fact that it can promote your image. Its use reinforces your notoriety as well as your professionalism in the eyes of everyone. Suddenly, you will attract a lot more customers with this advertising tool. With that, stand out from the competition by installing your outdoor signboard in front of your store or business. People will easily capture your brand with this.

Outdoor signboard designed at Magic-print

Make your outdoor signboard at Magic-print. Certainly, you will only find with us the advertising panel that meets your expectations and of very high quality. We create for you 3 D signs, illuminated or not. For your complete satisfaction, several sign systems are available on request. And you know what? For easy assembly, we automatically provide you with an installation plan.

Order your outdoor sign now online

Without further ado, we invite you to send us a message to order your exterior sign panel. So go to and our team will be happy to serve you as soon as possible. In addition, for additional information, we are always here to answer you.

Outdoor sign


3D signs (illuminated or not)

Several sign systems are available on request.

For an easy assembly we provide automatically a laying plan.

Matter of letters or cut elements:
- PVC 10 mm, M1, satin
- PVC 19 mm, M1, satin
- PVC 30 mm, M1, satin
- Alu dibond 3 mm, satin
- Satin brushed aluminum 3 mm, satin
- PVC and aluminum letters in 3D with LED or without.

Quotation and information request

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